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Fun & Fitness for Everyone

The new aquatic and recreation center will have something for everyone. Swim lessons for our children, fun-filled family days, lap swimming and water exercise for older adults are only a few examples of the fun and fitness that the pool will provide to the Bloomer area community all year-round.

A Dream Comes to Reality
The idea of an aquatic center or pool has been a dream for community leaders for decades and now it is coming to reality. Preliminary funds have been donated and over fifty volunteers are now at work on the Bloomer Area Aquatic & Recreation Center. The fundraising efforts will determine the extent of what can be built now. The community will now have more than the summer-time pond for swimming.

Investment in the Community
The aquatic center will need the contributed support of many throughout the Bloomer area and will definitely be an enhancement to our quality of life. For families it will add great value to a great way of life and for businesses it will be an added attraction to welcome employees and build healthy lifestyles.

Close To Home
Many will find the safety and ease of having a state of the art pool in our own community a great benefit. Those that value regular water exercise or that want their children to learn to swim will enjoy having it “right in our own backyard”; its all going
to be here at home without the commute to Chippewa Falls or Barron.

Self-Sustaining Project
The Bloomer Community Visitor Center volunteers that have led the current aquatic center project are committed to its success and self-sufficiency as a private nonprofit organization. The funds for construction will be provided from contributions by generous donors in our community. The operation of the facility will be from participant fees, memberships and the planned endowment fund.


November-December 2019 

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