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Bloomer Pool Rules

Current rules:   COVID19

 Face coverings are required when entiring the building for anyone 5 and older.

 Locker rooms are currently closed--family changing rooms are available.

 Enterance to the pool is through the doors down the family changing room hallway

 Face covering is not required while swimming,

 Showering is permitted only in showers off the pool deck.

 Face covering is required for anyone sitting on the pool deck.

 Social Distancing: Chairs have been placed 6 feet apart for you to use on the pool deck.
                                        please do not move chairs aorund the deck,

  Chairs are not permitted in the walkway at the front of the pool leading to the exit doors.

 When you finish swimming you exit the building using the double doors off the pool deck.


-No food, gum, drink or tobacco permitted in the pool area.

-Persons with infections or open wounds not permitted.

-Shower before entering pool area.

-General safety rules:

  • No running on deck
  • No rough play in water or on the deck
  • No dunking; no pushing others into the water
  • No horseplay
  • No diving
  • No shoulder rising or excessive splashing
    Diving blocks are for lessons and swim team only

-Proper swim attire is required in pool area.

-Articles such as balls, snorkels and floatation devices are allowed in the pool at the discretion of the lifeguard.

-Fins, kickboards and barbells are for lessons and lap swim only.

-Anyone disregarding pool rules will be subject to expulsion from pool and/or building.

-No street shoes in pool area.

-Children under the age of 9 must swim with a person 13 and older.

-All children must pass a swim test in order to swim in the deep end.

-No pets allowed in pool area.




November-December 2019 

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