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"Swim with Tim" Memorial Fund

We are proud to announce the "Swim with Tim" Memorial Fund, which has been established by Terri and Casie Stelter in memory of their husband and father, Tim Stelter.  Tim's life was cut short in August 2014 after a gallant battle with esophageal cancer.  Tim had a great passion for water activities, and felt that everyone should have the opportunity to swim, taking swimming lessons, or just be able to enjoy the water in general.

This memorial will enable the Aquatic Center to have a "no one turned away" policy for daily swimming and lessons.

If you share Tim's same thoughts and ideals, we would welcome you to make a contribution to the memorial fund.  Please click here for more details! 

Make a Donation to the Pool Fund!

Remember all donations to the Pool are totally tax deductible as we are a 501C3 organization. 

If you have any questions in reference to the Bloomer Pool & Recreation Center, please feel free to contact Bruce Barlow (568-2351) or Rod Turner (568-3339).

To make your donation, please contact the BAARC at 568-3339, or donate using the form below. 

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Paving Stones
Engraved paving stones on the sun deck at the Bloomer Area Aquatic & Recreation Center are available for purchase.
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