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Paving Stones

Engraved paving stones on the sun deck at the Bloomer Area Aquatic & Recreation Center are available for purchase. Paving stones are of dark gray granite and come in two sizes, six inches by six inches or twelve inches by twelve inches. The stones may be inscribed with a message or pay tribute to an individual. Price of the 6″x6″ stones is $250 and the price of the 12″x12″ stones is $500.00. Families, individuals, or organizations wishing to purchase a paving stone are encouraged to submit an order as soon as possible.

Funds raised from the sale of paving stones will first be used in the construction of the sun deck area of the Bloomer pool, after which the money will go towards operating costs. Paving stone purchases are a donation to the Bloomer Area Aquatic & Recreation Center and are tax deductible.

Likewise interest from an endowment fund established by the board will be used for operating costs, helping keep user fees lower. Donations are being sought for the endowment fund. Questions or comments may be directed to the Bloomer Community Visitors Center 568-3339.



November-December 2019 

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