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Pool Donors

Thank you to the following businesses and individuals who have donated to the pool and made this project possible.

A-1 Excavating
Richard and Joann Naas
Marjorie and Duane A. Abrahamson
All Ways Transit Inc
Janet and Clyde Allison
Gregg and Julie Anderson
Brent and Valerie Ashland
Bank Mutual
Barlow Insurance Agency
Alice Bauer
Michael T. and Bonnie Bauer
Clint Berge
Sylvester Berries
Gary Bewick
Daniel Bischel
Dale and Rita Bitney
Birthday Club
Dr. David and Frances Blair
Jim and Susan Block
Bloomer Advance
Bloomer Bakery
Bloomer Chamber of Commerce
Bloomer Community Club
Bloomer Farmers Union
Bloomer FFA
Bloomer Lions Club
Bloomer Medical Center
Bloomer Middle School Penny Harvest
Bloomer Plastics Inc
Bloomer Rod & Gun Club Inc.
Bloomer Telephone Company
Bloomer Tire Center
Bloomer Womens Club
Blue Diamond Family Dental
Greg and Barb Boetcher
Richard and Karen Bohl
Andy and Erin Borofka
Adam and Emily Bradley
Judy Brist
Ralph and Elaine Bruxvoort
Aline Buchner
Eugene and Laurel Buchner
Todd and Vicki Buchner
Rev Eldon L. Carlson
Carole Dutton and Family
Casper Foundation
Tom and Pat Clark
Richard and Joy Colville
Angie Conrad
Gerald and Natalie Davis
Thomas Davis
Richard and Verona Donahue
Dream Vacations/Stephanie Homann
Chuck Durch
Eds Pharmacy
Edward & Hannah M Rutledge Charities
Charles and Priscilla Enwald
Daniel and Amy Ferstenou
Dennis or Bonnie Ferstenou
Don and Kathy Geissler
Glen and Mary Geissler
Steven Gengler
Larry Giessler
Gilberts of Sand Creek
Larry and Diane Gotham
David and Jane Gunderson
Nylah Gust
Bob Gwidt
Bernetta Hable
Mike and Sally Hable
Mary L. Halfman
H. Robert Hanson
Earl and Bernie Hassemer
Alvera Hassmer
Tom and Bonnie Hendricks
Norma Henneman
Ronald and Darlene Henneman
Herbert H. Kohl Charities Inc
Gordon and Mary Hetzel
Paulson Plumbing
Cindy and Bill Nelson
Eileen and Ron Morley
LaVerne & Yvonne Seidling

Thomas Schott
Koah Slayt Pederson
Tom Davis
Steve and Kim Silverling
Dorlan and Marlene Carlson
Brent and Renee LeMay
Cynthia Dachel
Mary Krenz
V.F.W Auxiliary Post No.6175

Buck Van Gordon
Donald and Priscella Mullen
Mary Patrow
Dave West
Jeanette Scoffidi
Kristin Kramshuster
William Libersky
Dennis Babbit

 Kenneth Boos
Chuck Schwab
Richard McGothlin
Greg Rihn
Carol Flemming
Charles Melberg
Maureen Smetena
Charlotte Nelson
Russell Nelson


Darrell Hoepner
Candis Homme
Jim and Ellyn Hudacek
In Memory of Kenneth Johnson
James and Kathleen Irwin
Bob and Janie Jacobson
Chris and Sheresa Johnson
Mike and Jean Johnson
Bertrand Jones
Randy and Jill Jones
Lorraine Kitch
Jim Kleingartner
Mabel Klingbeil
Thomas and Delores Klund
Jim and Julie Koehler
Joseph and Beulah Koehler
James and Jackie Kouba
Christine Krizan
Kwik Trip, Inc.
Deborah and Kim LaBudde
Fred LaGesse
Dave and Mary Ann Lambert
Walden Lankey
Dr John and Susan Larson
Edward and Kathleen LeDuc
David and Denise Lesny
Sally L. Lewis
Neil and Lori Lundgren
Luther Midelfort Chippewa Valley
Luther Midelfort Foundation, Inc.
M & I Marshall & Ilsley Bank
Jeff and Julie Marek
Orlyn Mayer
William and Mary McGlothlin
Mega Charities
Thorlough and Lucille Meier
Michael and Shirley Meindel
Denise and Sharon Meinen
Midwest Physical Therapy
Jim and Stephanie Miller
Jacquelyn Mohrman
Steve & Nancy Naas
Dawn and Karl Naumann
NC Ruff Memorial
Donald Nielsen
Northwestern Bank
Bob and Mary Kay Nosal
Angie and Mike Oldenberg
Linda Oldenberg
David and Karin Olson
William and Alice Olson
Roy and Vivian Ostenson
Justin and Katie (Olson) Paki
Dennis and Lynette Pank
Nancy Paulson
Pat and Trisha Pease
Archie and Ardella Pecha
Dr Gerald Pecha
Peoples State Bank of Bloomer
Donald and Mary Poirier
Roberta Poirier
Eric Prill
Michael and Brenda Randall
Sandy Reischel
Mark and Debbie Revior
Dick and Shirley Revoir
Merle and Kay Richter
Angeline Rihn
Bruce Rimmereid
Sheila & Romeo David
Dean and Diane Rosenberook
Alice Rothbauer
Don and Joanne Dutton
Rick Zwiefelhofer
Chuck and Diane Seibel
Howard and Bonnie Weber
Adrian & Sally Skroch
Gregory Seibel
Dale and Karen Robinson
Chad and Nicole Stienmetz Family
Dale Lambert
In Memory of Marvin and Gladys Schroetter
Butch and Sue Nehring
 Bonnie Bauer
Yvonne Peil
Robert Hass
Laurie Lotts
Susan Antel
James W. Madison
Barbara Bowman
Dr. Donna and Eugene Thomas
Adrian Sobotta
Roy and Alice Yohnk
Elaine Gladitch
Marvin and Gladys Schrotter
Nancy Kloss

Verdine Hassmer
Gordon Hetzel
Kelli Meyer
John R. Boetcher
Herman Rihn
Gary Rogge
Andy and Toni Kuba

Adrian Skroch
Gregory Price
Gordon J. Conrad Jr. 
Robert Lambert
Robert and Janie Jacobson
Helen Seidler
Frances M. Campbell


Donald Rowe
Frances C Ruff
Mark and Kelly Ruff
Michael and Rhonda Ruff

Cathy and Kevin Rufledt
Todd and Monica Rufledt
Bob & Barb Ruegge
Steve & Jill Schimmel
Cathy Schindler
Rodney J. Schmidt
Cy and
Richard and Mavis Schulze
Jerome Scritsmier
Tom and Denise Seckora
Duane and Jackie Shoebridge
Len Sinz
Father Sonnberger
Southworth Chevrolet
Becky and Nate Splett
Tim and Terri Stelter
Delbert and Wanda Stewart
David and Michelle Stiehl
Alex Tankanoff
Tilden Lions Club
Paul and Louise Toycen
Toycen Family
Robert H. & Dorothy Turner
Rod and Kellie Turner
United Way
Dr. Jack and Sharon Van Valkenburg
James and Carolyn VanGorden
Mike and Lisa Warren
George Webb
John and Mary Weber
Stephen Week
Bernie & Carlotta Weissinger
Mike and Vicki Welsh
Donald and Velma Wesenberg

Bill Wieher (In memory of)
James and Mary Willi
Jeannie Willi
Ed Wittrock
Bill and Barbara Woodruff

Francis and Joanne Ruff Yohnk
Jay Young
Ann L Zimmerman
Dolores Zurek
Bernard & Agnes Zwiefelhofer
Doug and Patty Zwiefelhofer
John Zwiefelhofer
Steve & Karen Rooney & Family
Tony & Carol Rubenzer
Ben & Abbi Olson
Kelsey Turner & Jesse Zwiefelhofer
Brian & Chelle Yohnk
Blue Ribbon Awards
Joel & Libbi Videen

Kristen Bruxvoort
Howard & Bonnie Weber
Patrick & Marcia Davis Family
Michael Davis Family
Herman & Angeline Rihn
Northwest Coin Machine Company
Robert & Dorothy Turner
Ben & Abbi Olson
Kelsey Turner & Jesse Zwiefelhofer
Marilyn Day
Rollie & Lorena Prince
David & Laurie Landgraf
Richard & Mary Gladitsch
Darold & Arlette Schuster
Vern and Yvonne Verkuilen
In Memory of Dennis H. Dachel
Edward Jones Investments
Scott & Deneen Berseth
Fred and Ann Bowe
Frederick and Phyllis Siverling
Paul and Debbie LaGesse
Eric and Kristi Lambert
Rachel Schindler
Corrine L. Maier
Jean M. Sobotta
Albert Maier
Ding Reetz
Mavis M. Vinette
Vern H. Siverling
Patricia Odenbriet
Natural Creations Inc.

Bud Zwiefelhofer
Yvonne and Vern Verkuilen
Bud and Angie Zwiefelhofer
Rachel Hable
Mark T. Schoonover
Snort and Norma
Rob Jackson
Aline Buchner

Endowment Fund:  Our goal is to have a total of $1 million in our Endowment Fund to support the ongoing operation of the Aquatic and Recreation Center.

Information on the Endowment Fund:  Endowment Agreement

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November-December 2019 

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