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Trophy Case

Effective Date: 9/1/15

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Policy Title: Trophy Case
Policy Statement: The Bloomer Area Aquatic and Recreation Center (BAARC) supports Bloomer youth sports. To that end, the BAARC is providing a trophy case to offer a place in the community for youth teams to display their trophy.
  • All trophies must be team trophies. Individual trophies will not be displayed.
  • All teams must be from Bloomer or New Auburn. No combined school teams, i.e. AAU teams, will be displayed.
  • Trophies can be displayed for up to one year maximum. The intent is for the BAARC not to collect trophies. Rather, to proudly display youth team success stories.
  • When a team representative brings in a trophy, the following information should be put on the bottom, or back, of the trophy:
    • Team name
    • Contact Person name and phone number
    • Date the trophy was brought in to the BAARC.
  • Team pictures are allowed and encouraged. They should be in a case or plaque that stands up in the trophy case so they do not have to be taped to the trophy case.
  • BAARC will contact the team contact if they are not picked up by the pick-up date. Despite our best efforts, if trophies that are not picked up timely they may be disposed of.


Trophy Case Form:  Open 


November-December 2019 

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